Invasion USSR Сompilation: A Tribute to Orchid

by Unlock Yourself Records

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A Tribute to Orchid by bands from the Post-Soviet states.
All music and lyrics written by Jayson, Will, Jeffrey, Brad and Geoff between 1997 and 2002; rethought and performed by my friends in 2014.
Artwork by Empty House


released December 14, 2014


all rights reserved



Unlock Yourself Records Russian Federation

Small label / distro / booking from the southern part of Russia.

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Track Name: Икар - Destination: Blood!
This is our party
We pick the records
We set the dresscode.
And make love on the dance floor.
Like it or not we're the
Only game in town!
Track Name: Улыбайся Ветру - The Action Index
This isn't for you
I speak in tounges
Teen face for the dream date
That girl wears black jeans
Paint it all black
Yea paint it all black
I want her to kiss those black jeans into me.
Track Name: Mádu - Boy With No Arms
Forever is so easy to say
But I can't stand to wait
And be slapped in the face
I'll keep this to myself you can't know
Smile for me
Pretend it's alright
Knocked down what's the use
I can't make you happy
I can't even make you feel anymore
How can you look me in the face and say that
I believe in fear and complacency
What do you believe in
Track Name: Mariesena - ...And The Cat Turned To Smoke
We smiled and said
"I'll see you this summer."
But we know that it was over.
That's just what you say to someone
Who's dying.
That's just what you say.
This is to us.
Our hands fit, at least for a while.
I miss the face, I miss the taste
I'm sorry about it all...
Track Name: Oh, Deer! - New Jersey Vs. Valhalla
Is this starting to make sense?
Bring all your pennies
To the five and dime.
Wave goodbye. Wave goodbye.
Wave goodbye. Wave goodbye.
Say the things you want to hear,
But don't do the things we say.
That kind of talk is for
Phone calls at 4 am and
Mix tape nostalgia.
It's too quiet.
Every word means something different.
We'll recover like a brick to the face.
Track Name: Keava - Tigers
I kiss the girls that speak Marcuse
I kiss the boys that speak Foucault
I love the kids that know Adorno
And snub their nose at kids who don't
I make love in theory and touch myself in practise
What's good for the posture is good for the pose
Who let the Tigers out to kill all the lovers?
Track Name: МАЯК - 36 Day Syndrome
I miss you arms around me,
If I only knew this would be our last kiss.
My best was never good enough
But, you were my favorite mistake.
And I wonder do you still think of me?
Track Name: Norwegian Whore - Impersonating Martin Rev
Track Name: Pale Hands - I Am Nietzche
"To hear something new is hard and
painful for the ear. We hear the music
of forigners badly."
I make the sounds you can't understand-
This is my critique!
This is my subversion!
This is my revolution!
I make the sounds that you can't understand.
My fingers, my voice
Slide into every orifice.
You own these words.
This is friendship.
That's what friends are for-
1886 was a very good year- and you know this to be true.
Thus spake me.
Track Name: Elephant Opinions - New Ideas In Mathematics
I know it's all wrong, but that's the only way.
Breathe in the dust.. I'm leaving..
I hold hands with failure because we are quite a pair.
I've never met someone so loyal, but I'm leaving you behind.
I know it's all wrong, but that's the only way.
Track Name: Сценарий - Snow Delay At The Frankfurt School
"like anywhere else there are no
coincidences, probability makes for
accomplices and change creates meaning."

When we move, it's a movement.
Track Name: Tarkovsky - Death Of Modernist
When I die 1000 birds will fly out of my mouth.
Track Name: Sen Deni - Loft Party
You tell me that passion's passe
You're just in it for the breaks
Well the breaks break me down, now how does that sound?
And in 1999, all the kids stood in line,
but now our party's a bore and we don't care
We'll take Brooklyn over Manhattan any day of the week
And our party's mystique will be our capability to think
We got it. You want it.
Don't have it? You flaunt it.
My boyfriend lives in Brooklyn
and it fits just right, too tight
Track Name: Burkewitz Refused - Aesthetic Dialectic
All of this means nothing.
D.C. made me and the rest
Of this mess.
You don't even try to fake it.
don't eve try.
I'm here because i was ready to leave.
This should mean more, but it can't.
Go dance, dance.
Dance to the sounds of america's best dressed fake-out.
Track Name: Yotsuya Kaidan - Epilogue Of A Car Crash
You say you miss those days,
But we did it right.
Quit the habit. started smoking again.
I was crying, you were laughing.
Hit in the face, blood on the snow
We were never happier.

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