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released May 11, 2016

Live recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at The Apiary Studio.

Mastererd by nick Zampiello at New Alliance Mastering

Artworks by Romain Borderie

Drums / Backing Vocals : Joris Galocher
Guitar / Lead Vocals : Manuel Roux
Bass / Backing Vocals : Mathieu Souyris
Additional Vocals on Disillusioned Child : Romain Borderie


all rights reserved



Unlock Yourself Records Russian Federation

Small label / distro / booking from the southern part of Russia.

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Track Name: Spring
When was the last time the wind blew so hard
And what was left behind ?
Maybe there’ll be another spring

Sometimes you lose yourself
In this noisy crowd
Stop running and take your time

Look around you
Gaze at all the beauty
You can’t make your life up
You’d take the risk to miss out on it

Fear fuels the best of yourself
Fear fuels the worst of your obstacles

Fail try retry don’t give up
This is a learning process
Don’t live as a reflection of yourself
Stop reckoning
Just exist

Sometimes you lose yourself
In this noisy crowd
Stop running and take your time

Look around you
Gaze at all the beauty
You can’t make your life up
You’d take the risk to miss out on it
Track Name: Once Again
Once again more lessons learned
I wished to believe what I saw
I should rather snatch my eyes
I gave and did my best
Believing in another story
I learned nothing’s free
Is the risk to big ?
Slowly the last sunshine is dying
I grit my teeth waiting for a new birth

I know that will never happen
Another lesson learned
I’d rape my dignity
For a glimmer of hope
This is my crime

I swapped my wellness for violence

All doors are aready smashed
But there is no end in the collapse
I could find dozens of reasons to put myself down

I know too well the taste of the soil
I’m afraid I won’t get the taste of life back

I don’t wan’t to wander slowly
Like a sad dummy

And I always repeat to myself
Go ahead before exhaustion overtakes you

I grit my teeth
But this is my crime
Track Name: Cliffhanger
Your words removed the veil from this years, and took me down
Blindfolded, I led myself to this crash

Life's sometimes tricky
Where you could see the horizon, you finally end down the trail
There's no easy paths
Sometimes it's up to you, sometimes a hand is lent

When things seem hard, doesn't mean it's bad
The further you go, the stronger you become
Every teaching has its price, look ahead
Face your life, embrace your pain

Time is the best remedy
When you feel down

Where you could see the horizon
You finally end down the trail
Sometimes it's up to you
Sometimes a hand is lent
Track Name: Drawn by Feet
Tears are evaporating
And giving way to ashes
We’re all the unwanted kids
Crucified for the glory of a way of life
I remember the day when life lost its meaning
My eyes are being washed out
By the time passing by

When smiles became scars
There is no turning back
Behind the weak shield of love
There is the same inner hurting

Our life is the sticky product of social determinism
Then what do you think ?
Once the judgement wave has passed
What does remain ?
I hate my world I hate myself
Result of my lack of bravery
And I walk, I walk
With our feet we draw the path of perdition
Track Name: Rumble
Walking on the edge
Always on borderlines

Should I jump or not, should I just sit and watch
Always wandering, always wondering, my brain never stops

I'm just asking for some peace
A deep sleep, no more thoughts

I'd like to breath, to lay down on the floor
To feel the cold of the tiles, on my neck
And loosen my hands

I must cross the edge

Answers won't fall from the sky
Life won't write by itself
I have to look straight ahead
To forget my fears
Track Name: Deserter
Sitting in the room
Staring at the window
Lit by the sun
I’m just able to see the sky, the clouds and the highest trees
I’m one of those who live eyes closed
On what’s happening outside

Yes i’m scared
But not by the truth
I don’t want to miss anything close
The little things making me feeling whole

I love the warmth of the sun rising on my skin
I won’t step up
I won’t look out through the window

I have no time
I can hear the clock behind me recalling me nothing lasts
I’m sorry to be selfish
I’m not the hero you’re waiting for
Track Name: Doormat
Knocked out, deceived by my rules
A beacon, among the doormats
Trampled, crushed, again and again
More and more, again and again

Be kind
They’ll wipe their feet on your face
Be kind
A handkerchief is that all I am
A choice
To play the tough guy
A choice
When you’re cheating on yourself

You will not bend me
Nor your will
You will not bend me
Nor your deeds

Walk on me you won’t hurt me
No need to hide
I’m not a wuss, not a wimp
No need to hide
My will is stronger than yours

Crushed, each time a new birth
My light won’t die
I’m glad to be this one
My light won’t die
The shade’s one
Track Name: The Priest
Head Down, I crashed myself into your obstacles
Love's about being able to endure the distress of past lives

This is not my fight anyway
I'm a dam to your ocean of despair

How emptiness could be so heavy

In front of us there is a cloudy sky, overloaded with tears
My defeat is yours and your curse is mine
The only things to share

Sometimes I dream about being a kid again
Finding a place where I'm sheltered from people weaknesses

Day after day, my faith in you is crumbling
I was in a blind constancy
It's yout only present

A nasty present
Your the priest I'm the disillusioned child

Time is like barricades against your faith
Maybe you too don't believe in your own words, anymore
Your sadness is my distance with love
Track Name: Disillusioned Child
Where is your right path
Your holy words are tarnished
By the leeway of injuries
No more promises illusions are fossilized
Love and faith are replaced by guilt

We’re dragging our resentments
Across the floor
I see the indelible trace
Marked by tears

My beliefs are built and cemented by shame
Motionless we’re still gnawing by the faults
The sky rumbles
I’m too broken to find
Another dummy shelter
Behind my eyes there’s an old man
In your eyes there’s an angry kid
Too young for this shit

My bones are cracked
By the harassment
My back has borne the weight of sins for too long

I dragged my expectations
My heart is full of despair
Time doesn’t kill those are the faults of the world
I would snatch out of my head all this memories
Even if I lost everything including myself
Track Name: Troth
I made the bet
To put sense around me

Keep calm
Don’t react to apace
Don’t fall into a rage and burn myself
Accept my condition and others’ impacts in my life
The gift won’t come from the past
Go ahead let down the anguish

Surely I won’t do it alone
This is where difficulty begins
If I wish to live with my own self
I must accept the whole burden
There will be no clean breaks
But this is the price to keep my head up
I made the bet
To pick the best out of everyone
And accept my best
The good side of myself
The only way to bear the whole burden
There will be no clean breaks
To be ready for love
Justice is here

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