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Ce serait bien d'être quelqu'un d'autre mais ne serait-ce pas le même être? Toujours le mien, toujours la bataille cherchant toujours qui je devrais devenir Mais c'est toujours moi, toujours dans ma peau Mais c'est toujours moi, toujours sans endroit où rester Nous sommes les pèlerins Cercando sempre la luce! Oh comme c'est fascinant de ne rien pouvoir prédire Oh comme c'est consolant que tout puisse arriver Nous sommes les pèlerins cherchant toujours la lumière! Vainement j'attends le jour où je serai clair sur moi-même Nous recherchons une terre promise. ----------------------------------------------- (translation) pilgrims It would be nice to be someone else but wouldn't it be the same being? always mine and always my battle always looking for who should I become but it's always me, always in my skin but it's always me, still with no place to stay we are all pilgrims constantly searching the light oh how it is fascinating that nothing can be predicted oh how it is consoling that we can expect everything we are all pilgrims always searching the light I'm waiting for the day when I'll be clear about myself We are looking for a promised land.
J´en ai marre de toujours m'observer Obsedé puis isolé avec le vide dans mon âme Il faut surtout connaître l´histoire de la vie d´un autre soi-même de loin et de près J'ai toujours été un peu sourd et muet jusqu'à présent La pensée passe parfois à côté de l'essentiel Si je ne suis pas responsable de moi-même qui est responsable de moi? (Ca doit être moi) Mais si je ne suis responsable que de moi-même suis-je toujours moi-même, un humain? Chacun d'entre nous a le droit d'être entendu Personne n'est la mesure des choses, et pourtant chacun est petit dieu dans un humble sanctuaire Raconte-moi ton histoire, pas seulement un fragment, le temps existe pour nous après tout Parle-moi de l'endroit lointain d'où tu viens et emmene-moi là. ----------------------------------------------- (translation) each of us I'm tired of constant self reflection obsessed and isolated with emptiness in my soul Firstly one must know the history of life of the others coming from far and near I have always been a bit deaf and dumb so far Sometimes our thoughts just miss the point If I'm not responsible for myself then who is responsible for me? But if I'm responsible only for myself am I still myself, a real human being? Each of us has the right to be heard Nobody is the measure of things, and yet everyone is a little god in a humble sanctuary Tell me your story and not only a fragment – time exists for us after all Tell me about the place where you come from and take me there.
Скованные цепями Тревоги и тоски Мы сделались камнями Отсчитывая дни Мы ждали слишком долго Не зная сами что Мы прокляли свободу За горести ее. Но Страх не поможет Собрать в себе силы Свет режет глаза Ты бежишь от стыда От неоновых улиц Туманных проспектов Холодных пейзажей Бежишь от себя От света что режет глаза. Ведь страх это ночь Холодная тень Что отдых даёт Для тех кто весь день Бежит от людей От правды бежит Закрывши глаза Покой сторожит. В ночь, где блики чувств Где копии фраз Где все не всерьез И нет больше нас. Где любовь это ложь А дважды два пять И где мы друг друга Не можем понять. ----------------------------------------------- (translation) night Chained by anxiety And dark melancholia We’ve become stones Counting down the days We’ve been waiting way too long Not even knowing what for We’ve cursed freedom For its hardships. But fear won’t help Gather your strength Light hurts your eyes You’re running from shame Running from neon streets Wide misty avenues And cold landscapes Running away from yourself From the light That hurts your eyes. Because fear is the night A cold shadow that gives rest To those who are tired of Running from people Running from the truth To those who protect peace By closing their eyes. They’ve found shelter at night Where blurred feelings And copies of words are Where nothing is sincere And where no more us Where love is a lie And two plus two five Where we’ve lost the ability To understand each other.
Что видел вместо любви Уставшей матери сын? Отца он не видел живым И рос ненужным родным О любви ему можно было только мечтать. И в отсутствие поддержки Искать от других одобрения Говорить чужими словами Повторять за кем-то движения. Повторять до полной потери себя. А потом усвоить жестокий урок Любовь это ложь, засохший цветок Спокойные сны снятся другим Таким суждено оставаться одним И каждую ночь смотреть Один и тот же сон Со скрипом на зубах Где маска на лице Отверженности страх. ----------------------------------------------- (translation) lovelessness What has exhausted mother’s son Seen instead of love? He hasn’t seen his father alive And grew up being neglected by relatives He could just dream About love he’d never had. And for lack of support Seek for approval Use someone’s words Mirror gestures and moves. Repeat after someone until losing himself. And then he would learn a harsh lesson Love is a lie, dried rotten flower Peaceful dreams come to others People like him are doomed to be alone Doomed to see the same dream Grinding their teeth every night Dream about wearing the mask The mask called fear of rejection.
Are you telling me not to be worried? Worry about this direction? Imperfection to toleration This! Is our meditation I don’t feel so well I don’t feel so alive I don’t really care, I don’t even care What do you say? What do you say? I don’t ever care & I don’t really care See yourself! Please take a mirror Look into the mirror What do you see? What do you see?
Darkness falls, striking kids Fighting toward an awful reason! Humid and heat, rotting in Hell Defeat by the authorities that are full of shit
They’re year like that you realise the importance of things You relativize That you realise that life is so fragile That it can be altered forever That you can end it without anyone expecting it Your children, your friends, The people for whom you were important There are years that make you realize That we waste too much time in useless And rarely take the time to say I love you
When everything has been done And everything has been said How can a punk band change things? We all had hopes We all had beliefs But we were only kids with guitars But we were only kids with dreams Still are
How long will we keep these blinkers? Keeping following this line and never asking why Running to the wall Living our lives and Hurting our world and hurting ourselves Running till it’s too late Running fucking backwards With a little help from the doctor, everything will be fine But fine is awful Fine means think about your comfort today and forget about tomorrow How bad will be tomorrow for our kids? I hope they’ll reach that light


released April 12, 2020

Kafka. Is a band from Prague, Czech republic.
Songs were recorded by Anders Axelsson at dodsmord studio.
Mixed by Evgeny Poluyantsev.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth.

Junior leagues are from Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Mixed by Evgeny Poluyantsev.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth.

Virginia on duty are from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
They are: Saffiuddin, Samsul, Azedan.
Recorded and mixed by Affan Sarhan at Penvia Works.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth.

Tdoafs are from Montreal, Canada.
They are: Julien, Fa, Max.
Recorded by Xavier Bourassa.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth.


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