I​.​Witness / Featherweight - Split

by Unlock Yourself Records

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Closer to May, I open all my windows and sit for hours on the sill staring at the sky thinking 'bout things that don’t depend on us. My faded eyes like distress calls Like wounded sinking ships in the sea of an unawareness This boy never waits for summer and never asks himself "Is it wrong to stare in the mirror and see no familiar face?" Walking alone I'm unwanted by my homeless home These walls, these doors My traitors and watchdogs Trying to hold my breath Cast down my eyes (I'm ready) To pretend that I don’t recognize their faces. They're here not with me (not to me) Surely, they want me to leave How many times have I asked God, just let them imagine how it feels to be unloved. My hell is paved with your good intentions. Your recklessness and indifference made me dead because the best thing you have ever said - "Shut up and go to bed" Because the best thing that I've ever had - "Shut up and go to bed" Lay on the floor Never answer the phone You gave me reason to waste myself alive There’s no sense in different colors of walls There’s no use in deceptive softness of beds These long days won’t seem to get shorter No measure To rate this meaningless Release me! I heard the story of a boy who saw the world Jumping from the highest point to the ocean with no shore He dreamt about the struggle, but the waves were so unkind I see him every day, but I can’t feel peace of mind "Rye fields are calling Mist from them is crawling into my room It whispers my name and i have no place to hide From this sweet and luring sound" Life slipped away through my fingers like a wine Love that you've lost burns my fingers, burns my eyes This world is unknown, so alluring, shines so bright Here, under sill, under window, under sill It's better than this stuffy hated room Where I'm burning and dying, almost breathless and weak I will have my revenge, I will try the taste of life Just one step, down the window, not sick, fed up
Just imagine that today is your last day And you know That you won’t see this setting sun again These streets, these lawns, these ugly begging kids Your loving friends. Your only friends, your last friends Will watch your die to take away your clothes You failed and now you know you’re wrong But now it’s too late Apparitions, amputations, rotting extremities That’s all you’ve got in exchange for the world For your lonely lovely world “I know now when you read it I am so far away from home. Please don’t try to find me. There’s no use in chases, ads of my loss in the news blocks, stupid papers on the trees along all big roads. I won’t come back. I hope you will try to forgive me and understand. I’d rather die alone than die unloved. Don’t take me home again” I miss you now, but you… But you don’t But you can’t But you won’t, but you But you were The best thing that I could only have And the only one I could rely on and the one who really cared I’m empty, I’m dead, and I’m lost without you Please find me, just try; I know you’re really anxious now (WE’RE LOVED) We’re loved even we can’t look through palms (WE’RE LOVED) We’re loved even love force us to stranglehold (WE’RE LOVED) We’re loved, but sometimes can’t understand (WE’RE LOVED) We’re loved but push away the helping hand I’m sorry, I’m not Holden.
our lives are blindly crawling- open sores over cold cracked concrete make faint footprints, and attempt mapping of the height,length,width,cracks,crevices- the walls and the floors, but never fully sure: just more reaching, stumbling as if there would be a light switch or a door- there are only wind-swept whispers from far corners and yelling in return, both parties trying to learn if the other is real- but Death: the eventual stumbling over the edge of the room- forever falling: unconscious (though never fully aware) into sense-deprived nothingness; shows his facetious face and all is lost- aside from the delicate, frantic art left by yearnful years of dragging through the dark..
Roses sang weeds answered through it all you kept your stamina though you kept stark through the storm I saw you wilt- In a pure unselfish sacrifice, you clipped your own wings When an eagle falls the sum of the sky shakes And upon his impact the entire earth quakes The spirit of the pheonix is well alive Only through you, it survived Why is it that: the thought of the end pinches us and in a startled stupor we check our ripeness, as if the juices squeezed would pour onto the floor at any moment. we entertain the game that we must- somehow- guard and collect them with our gourds as if each drop can not be absorbed by the soil. such time we spend in this frantic feat that the seeds never take and the moisture never creeps to the dirt remember: we’ll collapse. and spill the chalice of our fruited life caught only to become a fruitless toil. Why then do we not, let the pulp drop. Bend down and build a mound, so a new tree will sprout or erupt.


I.Witness is a hardcore / emo band from Barnaul, Russian Federation, Featherweight was screamo / hardcore band from Boston, USA. 2 songs from every band, strongly recommended for fans of Defeater, Touche Amore, Modern Life Is War.


released August 28, 2012


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Unlock Yourself Records Russian Federation

Small label / distro / booking from the southern part of Russia.

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